Going Local

It was great to hang a handful of abstract landscapes at our local cafe, the Village Market in Gardiner, NY, that has this laid back, want-to-eat-there atmosphere, and Carl, the owner in the photo, couldn’t have been more gracious. Gardiner is the tiny town that, despite our New Paltz mailing address, is where we pay our property taxes, and although there are only a handful of shops on Main Street, and it’s been kind of slow to be “discovered,” it’s happening. Inevitable, I suppose, just an hour and a half north of Manhattan.

Since I take most of my coffee breaks in my office, aka, home, and, if Jerry ventures out from his studio during the day it’s mostly likely to teach or hit the gym, it’s been gratifying to hear from people who do go to the cafe. Every painting brings its own vibe to a space and a collection like this can change the feel of a whole room.


Art @ Gardiner Mkt w Carl.JPG