Turning Another Small Vertical Painting into a Large Horizontal

The second of four paintings Jerry is creating for the designers from ID810 is from a small vertical painting called In the Mood that is 16 x 12". Painted in oils on wood with lavender, green and layers of cream and gray, it evokes a landscape with a distant horizon. They want the same palette in a large horizontal format, a change that presents the kind of compositional challenges he loves to wrestle with. 

Here's How Three Designers Work With Art

Most interior designers have, at one time or another, worked with clients who don’t understand how important the right art is to the overall design of a space. In order to avoid leaving a beautifully curated room with bare walls or artwork that wrecks havoc with its surroundings, these three experienced designers incorporate art into early discussions with clients. Along with their distinctive design styles, each of these interior designers has her own approach to making sure her clients understand the value the right piece can bring.

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Creating 21st Century Possibilities

I very recently had the extraordinary opportunity of visiting Burkina Faso, a small country in western Africa, that has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. I went at the invitation of a friend who was born there and who asked me to help him launch an organization to improve the school in the village where he has native ties.

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